Agricultural Businesses We Serve

agribusinesses we serve

To keep pace with today's marketplace, farmers and agribusiness owners need a partner behind the scenes to help manage their finances. The accountants at Maxwell CPA can become that partner for you. We offer accounting and tax services specially designed to meet the needs of your industry. Together, we can efficiently manage your daily accounting functions, so you have more time to focus on running your business. Request a free consultation or call us at 870-364-8992 now to get started.

Livestock Farms

We supply the tools poultry, cow, and pig farmers need to have more control over their money through accrual-based financial statements. We also offer specially crafted tax planning services for your segment of the farming industry.

Row Crop Farms

Soy bean, cotton, wheat, rice, and corn farmers turn to us for innovative accounting solutions that enhance profitability and enable long-term expansion. We'll provide assistance with inventory management, stabilizing cash flow, and budgeting.

Grain Storage/Warehousing and Farm Rental

Grain storage and warehousing businesses will benefit from our personalized accounting and tax planning services. We serve everyone from small family-run businesses to large operations.


Catfish farms often find it difficult to stay on top of their finances without some support. We'll assist with your accounting responsibilities, find ways to limit your tax exposure, and show you how to effectively budget for seasonal changes.

Horticulture Businesses

We offer a wide variety of accounting and tax services for horticulture businesses like turfgrass producers and greenhouses. Find out how we can oversee your bookkeeping so you can focus more time and energy on running your business.